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  • khelgeson

    I am working on testing my site to troubleshoot any responsiveness issues and I am noticing a big one that I can’t seem to correct. Here is the dev site: When you shrink the width of the the browser window the header and Rev Slider adjust correct but then a gap the height of the header (130px) appears and I can’t get it tightened up. I know it has something to do with the value I have entered under the theme settings > Header Options > Header Height but without that value the header get super small. I have been able to force the header back to the correct size using CSS but then the mobile menu doesn’t appear correctly. How do I get rid of this gap? I found a similar item in the forum but there was no response, This is the last thing I need to get situated before I can push the site live so please let me know what needs to be adjusted as soon as you get a chance. Thank you.



    When I looked at the header height in the Tower settings, I saw it was set to 100px, not 10 (see example 1 below).

    I increased it to 120, to 300 and all it did was widen the gap between the logo /nav area and the info below the page.


    I put the portfolio code in as you asked, but nothing changed. I did get an error in the code, which you can see in example 2 below. Nothing changed here, either.

    Maybe we should just eliminate the page headings in the portfolio. Is there a way to do that?

    Lastly, how does one get rid of the project details column on a portfolio page, or at least where the text isn’t showing? It isn’t needed for our application. It looks like we did not complete the project.

    Example 1     Example 2


    Thanks in advance!




    I am trying to use below the logo navigation with bg header and I have a revolution slider boxed on the side, I am getting a gap between header and slider which i don’t like but can’t find where to change it, there is no gap between header and header photo on other side, actually I was wondering if it is possible to have slider under this header, I have set up header as transparent but that does not help.


    Thank you

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