edX vs Coursera – Which is the best MOOC platform for 2021

    edX and Coursera are both one of the most prominent MOOC platforms on the internet. MOOC refers to “Massive open online courses,” which helps students in the long run. These offer students a wide range of courses on specified subjects, recorded lectures, quizzes, and assignments, and the perk is an E-certificate. Both the platforms have […]

    7 Best Cheap Domain Name Registrars of 2021 (with Free Email)

    Looking for the best domain registrar? Every website needs a memorable domain name. Choosing an appropriate domain name registrar is vital as so many of the so-called registrars are sitting in the market to trick you. In this article, we will show the best domain registrars with their pros and cons. What is a domain […]

    5 Best Photography Website Builders 2021

    Getting a photography website online has become a lot easier and cheaper with website builder for photographers. We present to you in-depth research of the very best, so you can select the best photography website builder. These website builders are selected on the basis of ease of use, blogging functionality, SEO, and design. The Top […]

    How to Start a Fitness Blog & Make Money (10 Simple Steps)

    If you are planning to start a fitness blog, you are thinking to start the most gratifying job of all time. But, the truth is it needs hard work and if it’s of your interest then definitely you will find it amazing. Before starting you need to pen down all the particular requirements that you […]

    Constant Contact vs Mailchimp: Which is better to use in 2021?

    Constant Contact versus Mailchimp will be on the battlefield today let’s find out which is the winner. 2021 is the year and an era of rapidly updating technologies. Meanwhile, living with the speed of technology can give you ease and cost you much. As businesses have gone live, tools have been introduced in the digital […]

    15 Best Podcast Hosting Sites for 2021 (+ Top 5 Free Platforms)

    Looking for the best podcast hosting sites? Podcast hosting is there to provide the RSS feed and file hosting for your podcast. Hosting companies help you generate feed, show details to the hosting platform and upload the audio files. As a user subscribe the podcasts you publish, the platform directly receive the media and audio […]

    11 Best Website Builders for Small Business with No Code (2021)

    Do you want to create a website? We have created a list of the best website builder for small business with pros, cons, and price comparison. There are more than 11 online small business website builders that can help you to create a website without the help of a web designer. We have selected no […]

    How to Make a Portfolio Website 2021 (using WordPress)

    We are creating a portfolio website today, step by step, with the help of Folie Theme. The creation of a portfolio site with WordPress is easy if you have the right tools. Let’s get started 🙂 First we should choose a demo from the Folie Theme. The perfect choice for the topic would be exactly […]

    10+ Best WordPress Maintenance and Support Services 2021

    At present, every business, either small or big, has an online presence. The business owners who need to manage their real-time business services find it a bit challenging to run & maintain their websites. On the other hand, some have not enough technical knowledge to maintain the WordPress website to run at its best. In […]

    Guide to WordPress Security Best Practices 2021

    Although this topic scares, because for most of us is unknown, there are many aspects that you can cure to improve the security of WordPress and raise the level of protection to the maximum possible. We have made a guide to learn your the wordpress security best practices  in 2020. It is useless now to […]


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