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How to add Facebook Pixel to WordPress?

If you are advertising your WordPress-based online business on Facebook and want to get the most out of your advertisement budget, there are two important things that you need to specialize in, one that reaches the right audience and the other that produces more sales. Though Facebook provides incredible advertising capabilities to publishers of all […]

53 Best WooCommerce WordPress Themes 2022 [Compared]

Today we are reviewing some of the best WooCommerce WordPress themes based on this plugin, rated by the customers and the WordPress professionals. These WooCommerce themes are for multipurpose use, so if you are a blogger, a business professional, an artist, a baker, a fashionista, you can find it all here. WordPress is an amazing […]

35 Best Animated WordPress Themes with Special Effects

Nowadays there is a diversity of WordPress Themes, but it seems like the minimal ones are more popular. They are easier to work with and can be used for every purpose. Some people may like their websites with some extra components, like special effects, animated WordPress Themes, transitions, hover effects, icon effects, or animations. Today […]

10+ Best WooCommerce Fashion Themes 2022

Fashion is the highest expression of our self and culture regarding the first impression that we leave. Nowadays fashion is the most developed industry and has taken over the online world too. You need to publish your store online today, it has became so necessary if you are aiming to develop your business. Woocommerce comes […]

50 Best Photography WordPress Themes 2022

Some say photography is the finest form of expressing reality, some say it's worth 1000 words, some express their imagination from it, for some others it may a way of living, but above them, photography is for real one of the most popular forms of expressed art. If you are a fashion, street, architectural, candid, […]

20+ Fastest WordPress Themes with High Performance in 2022

The site speed and having a fast-loading website matter, because is a positive user experience and can bring an improved rank in the search engines. To help you build the fastest website possible, we will show some of the fastest WordPress themes that complement this fact. Let's discover together this collection of absolutely high-performance WordPress […]