blockchain api

9 Best Blockchain API and Node Providers 2021

In a blockchain, nodes are one of the most critical components. The term “node” when used concerning Blockchain, a digital ledger that keeps track of all the cryptocurrency transactions and also allows everyone to access this information with the help of a connected device. Such devices are nodes. These nodes can be accessed easily by […]

20 Best NFT Projects (Ranked) – Which is Worth to Invest for 2021

As time has changed, the world has taken an incredible direction towards modernism. The ways of living have shifted at the same pace, and these changes show the innovative mindset of humans. These ideas are for the benefit and ease of humankind and have left everyone in awe. NFT Projects are another thing that came […]
visual project management

9 Best Visual Project Management (Ranked and Reviewed) 2021

In this article, we will rank and review the best visual project management tools and software There are some factors that we need to keep in mind to handle complex projects expertly and well-timed. To make your project stand out, essential qualities like a flawless conversation, absolute clarity, and seamless transparency play an indispensable role. […]

17 Best WordPress Themes 2021 (Most Popular & Multipurpose)

Looking for the best & most popular WordPress themes? You may always be confused for where to start from? This is a very common question but instead of referring to our favorite, we have tried to compile the best WordPress multipurpose themes here. There are hundreds of free WordPress themes that are sometimes overwhelming to […]

9 Best Ethereum Wallets in 2021 for Desktop, Mobile, or Hardware Wallet

If you are new to Ethereum or cryptocurrencies in general, this article will guide you perfectly to learn about Ethereum Wallets and Ethereum itself. It will also introduce you to the most secure and user-friendly wallets to store ETH. Before moving on to the top 9 best wallets, let’s look at what Ethereum is. Ethereum […]

Exabytes Review 2021 – Is it a good WordPress Hosting Provider?

If you are wondering about the reasons why thousands of people are attracted to websites, you are not the only one doing this. It takes a lot of hours to make a website a success. Let us unravel the secret of doing so. Yet, the main reason behind all of this is splendid web hosting. […]

20+ Fastest WordPress Themes with High Performance in 2021

The site speed and having a fast loading website matters, because is a positive user experience and can bring an improved rank in the search engines. To help you build the fastest website possible, we will show some of the fastest WordPress themes that complement this fact. Let’s discover together this collection of absolutely high-performance […]

19 Best Parallax WordPress Themes 2021

Are you looking for the best parallax WordPress themes? Parallax is one of the most amazing features and if used properly can be the most mind-blowing animation special effect on a website. Some use it little, some overuse it, but it can never be wrong! Parallax effects on websites involve the background moving at a […]

30+ Most SEO Friendly WordPress Themes with Fast Loading

SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of making your website visible on a web search, by not including the paid results. So this means that if a website is an SEO optimized the results you get when searching for it, are totally earned. To achieve higher rankings you need the best SEO WordPress […]

20+ Best Construction Company WordPress Themes 2021

We have listed some of the best construction WordPress themes for building service company such as construction, engineering, architecture website. Base on the needs of the construction WordPress website, in this collection you can find the best construction company WordPress theme that brings a professional and clear design for your website. Tower – WordPress Construction […]

20+ Masonry WordPress Themes Beautifully Designed 2021

Masonry layout owes its name to the popular jQuery Masonry plugin that is used to create this type of layout. Masonry layout is also referred to as the Pinterest Style Layout, as all we know. It is stylish, beautiful and even if you don’t like this creative style, for sure you can not hate it. Masonry […]

10+ Fashion Designing Portfolio Themes for WordPress 2021

The fashion industry is defined in terms of better looks. The competition starts from here. It means that updating a fashion portfolio would mean that it is a different kind of job. This is why the developers have proposed fashion designing portfolio themes for all the fashion freaks. Fashion designing portfolio themes provide a way […]
Best Consulting WordPress Themes

23 Best Consulting WordPress Themes 2021

If you are looking for a business looking consulting WordPress theme, we have listed the best WordPress consulting themes that will help you to build a WordPress website with ease and with a professional design. It is true that businesses are growing with the speed of light nowadays and it seems that nothing can stop […]

HostArmada Review 2021. Is it worth it?

If you are looking for an affordable, faster and reliable hosting option, give a shot to HostArmada. Here’s why. HostArmada is both reliable and budget-friendly. Webhosting plays a significant role in the success of any website. It controls all aspects of your website ranging from a better user experience to speed. It requires you to […]

7 Best Cheap Ecommerce Hosting Services in 2021

In this article, we will list the best cheap ecommerce hosting services. Living in the modern era demands a lot to live a decent life. Mostly, the people of the present day are surviving on online businesses like e-commerce. For the progress of these businesses, the business owners require different platforms. If you are new […]

15 Best Sales Management Software for Small Business (2021)

Today we will talk about sales management software and tools that can help you improve your business performance. Over the years, the method of conducting business and increasing sales has evolved, and so has the process of managing sales. The evolution was still ongoing when the novel COVID-19 arrived and forced businesses to stop conducting […]

3M Best Free Contemporary & Modern Icons for your websites

In this article, I will list the best free contemporary and modern icon packages. The icons can be used in creating your website services or any other designs. Icons8 Another great source of free icons is Icons8 where you can download unlimited icons from different categories. I like the site because everything you type on […]
Best WordPress Maintenance Services

17 Best WordPress Maintenance and Support Services 2021

At present, every business, either small or big, has an online presence. The business owners who need to manage their real-time business services find it a bit challenging to run & maintain their websites. On the other hand, some have not enough technical knowledge to maintain the WordPress website to run at its best. In […]

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